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**Please read all FAQ before booking with me.


What are your Covid-19 protocols?

I require proof of vaccination prior to your appointments: a photo of your CDC issued vaccination card next to a government issued photo ID. All clients are (still) required to wear a mask.

Where are you located?

In the Chinatown International District, of Seattle, WA.

How do I book an appointment?

You'll find the booking form by clicking the top right tab in the header menu. I do prioritize flash designs or work that is in line with the style & imagery I showcase online. If you are looking for a custom tattoo please be as specific as possible, and know I may not be interested in taking it on. I do not take walk-ins, so appointments are required. 

What is your tattooing method and process? 

I do machine-free/non-electric, shamisen-bori hand poked tattoos. They are just as permanent, take longer, and 99% of the people I have tattooed say that it is less painful than machine tattoos. 

Any placement you won't do?

I prefer to tattoo arms and legs. I don't do fingers, inner lip, palms (inner or side of hand), or under the foot. I prefer not to do ribs. I can be open to other placements, just know that it may take longer (and hurt more), which will then cost more because I charge by the hour. 

Any tattoos you won't do?

Preference goes to my pre-drawn designs and custom requests that are in line with my style/work you see in my portfolio/recent work you see on my instagram. I don't do geometric, mandalas, or work from other artists. I will not tattoo you if I find your request culturally appropriative. ​It is also a lot of time and work to come up with a tattoo for someone I don't know, so please have an idea in mind before reaching out to me or be prepared to choose from my flash.

Do you give an estimate on cost beforehand?

Yes, I give a general estimate before the appointment so you can come prepared with cash.

How should I prepare myself for the tattoo?

It's always a good idea to get a good night's rest, a meal, and to be properly hydrated beforehand. You won't die if you don't, but you'll feel much better. 

How do I take care of my tattoo?

I use Saniderm, a latex-free, flexible, transparent film used to protect your tattoo and help it heal. It's waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower, but lets it breathe which allows it to heal. You can always opt out of using saniderm.


What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A deposit must be sent upon booking your appointment. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel within 3 days of your appointment or just don't show up. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled and deposit forfeited. Canceling/rescheduling is acceptable with more than 3 days notice so I have time to fill your appointment slot. Many people do not realize that canceling your appointment = being short on my intended income for that week. Since I am cutting my work schedule by more than half, please respect mine and my clients' time by being on time and following through with your appointments. If you are unsure about getting the tattoo, please do not book with me. 

Please be aware that the Intl District is a very busy area and parking can be difficult at times so please give yourself enough time to get here and account for added time due to traffic and parking. My studio is also close to the lightrail station and bus line which may be a better option for some.

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