*Please read FAQ page before booking!

Fill out a form to discuss a custom tattoo or request to view my book of designs to choose from. Please include what you are looking to get, the size, and preferred placement (I prefer to work on arms and legs for the most part).


I always prioritize requests for my pre-drawn designs (I'm always open to some revisions to them) and work that is in line with my style. Please be mindful of appropriation and know that I draw a lot of designs inspired by my Asian heritage, and I will specify in the designs folder if they are reserved for API folks or BIPOC. And please do not take it personally if I don't immediately take interest in your custom requests, especially now that I have a very limited schedule and am taking less than half the appointments I used to.

**Updated info and policy due to covid-19:

- In order to eliminate client crossover with my studio mate, we are splitting our work week and I will only be booking appointments for Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and an occasional Sunday. I apologize if that is inconvenient for those with m-f work schedules.

- All clients will be required to wear a mask

- You must come alone to your appointment to limit the amount of people coming in and out of the studio

- Since I am cutting my work schedule by more than half, please respect mine and my clients' time by being on time and following through with your appointments. If you are unsure about getting a tattoo, please do not book with me. 


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